lundi 21 avril 2008

Our New Website is Online!

The Silence Indigo website's updated English version is now available at Our currently available RPG title in English is the technothriller science-fiction game Uchronia: Mecha Exodus , as mentioned previously on this blog.

Some sections are still in development:
• The free PDF game, The Bowel Tapeworms of..., still needs a bit of processing but should be available soon.
• The cover for the D20 Modern version of Uchronia: Mecha Exodus still needs some adjustments before the book is available. However, the double version, which includes both the D20 Modern and the "indie" RPG versions is available at our online shop.
• The French section for Les Chroniques d'Erdor (2nd edition) will be updated soon with bonus materials such as colour maps from the book.
• Plans are made to extend our distribution partnerships for PDF files in the following weeks and months.

As we are moving away from our earlier forum at, please feel free to post your comments or questions on the blog (in English of French)

dimanche 13 avril 2008

Ucronia: The Mecha Exodus RPG is out!

Silence Indigo's first role playing game in English, UCHRONIA: MECHA EXODUS™ RPG, is finally out in its early release phase!

UCHRONIA: MECHA EXODUS™ is a stand-alone role playing game system, sourcebook and adventure about the dramatic dilemmas faced by emancipated transforming robots ('mechas') and North Korean Special Forces in a submarine city, in the alternate future of 2017. While the new Cold War between North Korea and the Western NATO powers threatens to escalate into World War III, the mechas' fragile treaty is threatened by political conspiracies, terrorist insurgents, secret experiments, robot cults, and military escalation. What will you sacrifice for peace, truth, or even sanity?

Available as a PDF download (full-colour) or softcover book (black & white).

As of this day, both the "
indie RPG" and the "double edition" (reversible indie/D20 Modern systems) versions are available exclusively from Silence Indigo's storefront. Minor adjustments are still made to the D20 Modern-only version, which should be available shortly.

The indie version (and its double-sided counterparts) features:

• A complete RPG system focused on stake negotiation and collateral damage

• Rules for creating Issue-driven robots and humans

• An Iterative Story model

• Detailed background about 2017 politics, gene-terrorists, a robot church and robot factions

• An open-ended mini-campaign with over 20 NPCs, with complete profiles

• Over 80 illustrations (full colour for PDF, black and white for the softcover version)

Likewise, Silence Indigo's updated bilingual site (and support material, including previews) are in the process of HTML-mapping.

Stay tuned for more soon!

Note: Silence Indigo's future developments will put gradually more emphasis on English and less on French, as a result of its customer base shift. For the readers' convenience, blog text in dark red will be in English, whereas text in dark blue will be in French as it was uniformly until now.
Note: Les futurs développements de Silence Indigo accorderont graduellement plus d'emphase à l'anglais et moins au français, en conséquence des changements dans sa base de clientèle. Pour l'aisance des lecteurs, le texte du blog en rouge foncé sera en anglais et le texte en bleu foncé en français, comme il l'était uniformément jusqu'à maintenant.